I have never seen or met such a top cardiologist in Hyderabad, who listened patiently and also made me understand all my problems. the necessary things I need to do everything was well explained and the counselling made me understand the simple solutions to my addictions. I really appreciate the way this doctor made me understand my problem.
Sunil Pareek, Patient
It was great consulting such a great heart specialist in Hyderabad; he is really friendly and non-commercial doctor nowadays doctors don’t even listen to patients but Dr Sanjeev Kumar he spoke to me around 30 mins and I really appreciate the way he responds to patients. May god bless to Dr Sanjeev kumar
Miss Aarti Sharma, Patient
Dr Sanjeev sir is my Godfather. First of all, he treated me as I am like his own brother. When I came to hospital, I was suffering from severe chest burning and chest high weight. I was admitted in hospital at 8:00 pm on 08-01-2020 02 stents were kept to me by Doctor Sanjeev sir, Dr. Panduranga sir and their team. Excellent job they had done. They gave justice to me and my family. Thank you very much sir. I and My family are proud of you all. Now I have no health issues.
Syed Haji Hussain
Went to Dr Sanjeev when my father has symptoms of heart attack. Within 15mins of reaching hospital he explained us where are the blocks, what needs to be done and stents are placed immediately all the procedure was done within 1 hour. My father recovered well and has been discharged after 2days. Doctor is very friendly and he clearly explains what the problems is and what needs to be done. He is always approachable over phone and very quick in response. I would strongly recommend Dr Sanjeev for all cardio related treatment in Hyderabad.
Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. He was very professional, a good listener and provided with excellent service for my father’s medical condition. Immediately, described my father’s condition and explained each and very thing in detail. He treated my father and all of my family members as his family members during all the meetings with him, before Surgery, and after surgery. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described. Very happy with the quality of service provided and highly recommend.
Ruchitha Reddy , Visited for Pacemaker Implantation
Dr sanjeev kumar is very nice and calm doctor, he had listen to my problem patiently and explained me my problem in a understandable way I am quite satisfied with his explanation
Ahmed Basulaiman , Visited for Cardiac Diseases
Visited to get a 2nd opinion on my ECG. Doctor was very friendly and took time to explain all related queries.
Saurabh Srivastava , Visited for Electrocardiography (ECG)
Dr Sanjeev Kumar is a genius doctor. He never scares the patient,rather is very positive n motivating, explains the ins n outs of the disease very well n gives d best suggestion for the treatment to be meted out. Patients recover under his treatment.He is very friendly and inspiring. A doctor who can be reached out anytime and give d best treatment!! I strongly recommend him as had been highly benefitted during my dads treatment who was very critical then!! Thank you Dr Sanjeev Sir for always being there as a pillar of great strength for our family always!
Meenakshi Mukherjee
We had been to Sunshine hospital recently for my grandmother stunt operation below are the points about Dr SanjeevKumar

2. Patience of Dr SanjeevKumar is too good very rare doctors Will have that
3. Making patients comfortable and taking patients into confidence.
4. Diagnosis report he will explain in detail.
5. He will give all clear details about the disease and will suggest what to do next.
Dr SanjeevKumar please keep the good work like this long way to go.

Shivasharanappa Rajole , Visited for Angioplasty and Stenting
Dr. Sanjeev is an excellent doctor… He explained us the problem and the procedure of treatment thoroughly.
The procedure of stenting was a success….
He gives his patients lots of confidence and gains their in return.
Thank you so much Doctor…
Nimitt , Visited For Carotid Angioplasty And Stenting
When I went for a general checkup in August-2019, I was told that my treadmill test came positive and I need to undergo Angiogram to verify my heart condition. My first encounter with Dr. Sanjeev Kumar was then. He was very energetic, kind and appeared very confident. He explained to me the procedure in detail and answered all my questions patiently. What I liked most is that he has time for you… He makes sure that you understood what he is about to do to you. He appeared to be different to most specialized doctors to whom “time is money”. In my test, they’ve found two blocks more than 80% which needed to be rectified. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar’s approach made me trust him so much, that I’ve given him the permission to go ahead and place the stents, lying on the same bed, in continuation to my Angiogram test on the same day. The whole procedure was completed in about half an hour as promised and I was back in ICU in a couple of hours. On the third day, I was discharged.
Later, when some drugs were not suiting me due to the speciality of my blood, I was admitted again in September for gastroenterology problems. Then too I had an emergency of heart block and his quick response and action saved my life. I’m fit and continuing my normal life now. I’m 63 years old and I find him the most humane, empathetic, intelligent, most humble and competent doctor I’ve ever come across. God bless him and give him strength to continue his excellent service to the people.
H V Rao